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Why ENFD Analysis Provides the Best Tool to Confirm Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy


One quick in-offi­ce procedure can provide a definitive diagnosis, allowing for effective treatment and symptom relief Have patients complained of burning pain, tingling, numbness, or a pins and needles feeling of the lower extremity? This could be an indication of small fiber peripheral neuropathy[1] (SFPN), a condition that can be definitively confirmed with a quick, in-office punch biopsy procedure and epidermal nerve fiber density (ENFD) analysis. “For the early detection of small fiber peripheral neuropathy, ENFD analysis is the best objective tool,” says Dr. Wayne L. Bakotic, ENFD Medical Director at BakoDx. “The ENFD diagnostic test allows for the confirmation [...]

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Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Testing : An Overview


Here’s a technique for the evaluation of small fiber peripheral neuropathy. Introduction Epidermal nerve fiber density (ENFD) testing is not a new technique; however, it is new to the diagnostic armamentarium of many in the podiatric community. This analysis is quickly becoming recognized as the gold standard among clinicians when assessing for the presence, and the degree, of small fiber peripheral neuropathy. Though podiatric clinicians have only recently discovered this test, it has been an important diagnostic procedure for neurologists for many years. In fact, ENFD analysis has been widely used by neurologists in the United States and in Europe, to [...]

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Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Testing


A New Gold Standard for the Diagnosis of Small Fiber Neuropathy What is small fiber peripheral neuropathy and when might I be expected to see it amongst my patients? Small fiber peripheral neuropathy is a form of neuropathy that is limited to the terminal, intra-epidermal ends of sensory nerves. This expression of peripheral neuropathy commonly presents in a stocking or glove-like distribution. Those that exhibit neuropathy in this pattern, without involvement of large nerve fibers are said to have pure small fiber peripheral neuropathy. If the nerve pathology progresses proximally to involve larger nerves, the neuropathy becomes mixed. Of course diabetics [...]

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