Bako Provides Pathology Solutions to the Podiatry Market

Optimizing the Cost of Podiatric Care While Improving Patient Satisfaction by Providing Intelligence, Not Just Information

Bako provides a customized suite of anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, proprietary molecular pathology, microbiology, and neuropathy-related test offerings

Why Choose Bako

Intelligence dermatopathology reporting to your providers helps them make better choices

Better choices means better patient outcomes & lower costs

  • Fewer onward referrals to subspecialists

  • Fewer additional biopsies & lab testing

  • Promoting cost effective use of OTC and generic medications

  • Improved patient satisfaction, timely treatment, & optimized cost of care

Bako supports evidence based clinical medical policies and pharmaceutical guidelines

Bako has best-in-class field sales force supporting in-network lab utilization

Bako Provides Unique Value

Podiatry Testing Expertise

Unparalleled experience related to podiatric pathology

Full Suite of Podiatry Testing Solutions

Only laboratory with comprehensive podiatry-oriented test menu in a centralized location

Differentiated Offering

Unique laboratory intelligence platform, leading turnaround times and expansive payor access


Leading podiatric molecular testing promoting improved outcomes

Partner to Physicians and Payors

Provides research, treatment recommendations and accredited medical education programs (CME and CCMC credits)

Market Competitive Pricing

Promoting affordability by reducing barriers to access

The Bako Difference

Providing Intelligence, Not Just Information

Bako’s reporting methodology provides more than basic information. It offers treatment recommendations—what we call “intelligence”—that empower the treating physician with actionable information. We believe this leads to better, more timely and cost effective health care for your patients.


Traditional Reference Lab

A simplified diagnosis

This is what it is called


Bako Diagnostics

detailed diagnosis

This is what it is called PLUS here is what that means

AND this is what you can do about it

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We Equip Physicians with Intelligence Reporting

Our pathology team provides not just information, but also intelligence to enable better patient care.

BAKO’s intelligence reporting provides physicians with a comprehensive explanation of the patient’s condition, background on the disease, as well as published literary references, as warranted, to guide physicians to follow evidence based medicine and national treatment guidelines. The result is a “one-stop-shop” for physicians, saving valuable time and healthcare resources while ensuring patients receive proper diagnosis and treatment without a specialist referral.


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Robust Survey Validates How Bako Empowers Physicians

Survey: 1400 physicians who have used Bako Laboratory


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Why Podiatrists’ Trust Bako Pathology


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Does Bako Pathology Services style of reporting empower you to manage your own patients rather than refer out to a dermatologist? If Yes, how often?

On-Site Continuing Education Program

At Bako, We take pride in our role as an industry leader in Podiatric diagnoses and disease management and are committed to providing education and support to our healthcare partners, including professional case managers. We have developed two on-site CE programs and would welcome the opportunity to present either or both sessions to you and your staff at your location at no charge. Each has been approved by CCMC for one credit hour.

This session will provide an overview of dermatological conditions of the lower extremity and how appropriate diagnostic testing can improve patient case management, guide clinicians in making successful treatment decisions, and reduce sub-specialty utilization.

Topics include:

  • Identifying and understanding dermatological conditions

of the lower extremity

  • Clinical scenarios where a skin cancer biopsy is warranted
  • Overview of the specialized diagnostic technologies performed
  • The essential role of a Dermatopathologist
  • How the overall diagnostic process aides in the development of podiatric clinical pathways for effective patient case management and avoidance of subspecialist utilization and repeat

This session will provide an overview on how to predict and characterize Peripheral Neuropathy and how appropriate testing can be both a confirmation tool and a prospective/predictive diagnostic tool used as a baseline against which to monitor therapy.

Topics include:

  • Categorization of nerves
  • Defining small fiber peripheral neuropathy
  • The theory behind ENFD testing
  • Limitations of current testing methods
  • Test efficiency & reference ranges
  • Biopsy technique and handling

Contact us to learn more about our payor collaboration and educational opportunities