Onychodystrophy PCR Testing

Targeted Treatment Starts by Identifying the Exact Infectious Organism

  • Laboratory testing provides objective information for precise treatment.

  • Causative infectious organisms are colorless and invisible to the eye.

  • Determining the exact infectious agents to treat leads to improved patient outcomes.

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Please note: individual reflex test options of certain yeasts and pseudomonas aeruginosa are pending availability in NY (see chart below).

Advantages of the BakoDx Onychodystrophy PCR Test



Determine the genus and species of the infectious organism to provide the safest, most effective oral and topical treatments



Assess patient results with high confidence

99.9% analytical specificity 86% clinical sensitivity;¹ Correlates highly with histopathology

Cost Effective


Eliminate unnecessary additional testing, focus on the relevant agents of disease, and prevent treatment course changes



Document the genus and species information needed for pre-authorization of many anti-fungal prescriptions



Contracted  with all major insurance plans, and over 200 local insurance plans; Covered by Medicare



Begin appropriate treatment quickly with 1-2 day turnaround time

Innovation in the PCR Testing Workflow

Eliminating unnecessary testing and identifying relevant infectious organisms

BakoDx PCR Reflex Flow

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The Difference with Our Proprietary Technology

  • Reflexes to secondary testing only when positive to reduce medical costs
  • Identifies multiple causative organism targets in a single specimen
  • Detects low levels of concentration of the causative organism
  • Filters out contaminants present in the collected specimen

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National Health Plan Requirements

Many antifungal pharmacy programs require positive lab report at the species level and reference DNA availability

BakoDx’s Intelligent Onychodystrophy PCR Testing Report

Actionable reports with information to assist you in making treatment decisions.

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Relevant Clinical Images
  • Interpretations for All Tests Performed
  • Pathologists Available for Consult
BakoDx Sample PCR Report

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Educational Resources for Onychodystrophy

Nail Collection Guide

Optimal Nail Specimen Procedure Guide. Download this easy-to-follow training tool for your staff.

White Paper

DNA-based detection for onychomycosis correlates better to histopathology than does fungal culture.

BakoDx Procedure Video

Reference this hands-on, procedural video created by BakoDx clinical consultants.

¹BakoDx internal validation

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