Onychodystrophy DNA Test

Target Treatment with Bako’s Onychodystrophy DNA Test

We Know Nail Infections are Difficult to Diagnose & Expensive to Treat

TARGETED TECHNOLOGY. Knowing the genus/species of the causative agent with 99.9% analytical specificity allows for targeted therapy.1

ACCURATE. Correlates highly with gold standard histology with 86% sensitivity, while providing identification of genus/species.1

TIMELY. Rapid results in 24-48 hours mean the right treatment, right away.

COST EFFECTIVE. Quick identification of genus/species supports informed treatment decisions that can more quickly lead to effective outcomes.2.

REQUIRED. Many payors require precise identification of fungal species for preauthorization of anti-fungal Rx.

COVERED. Bako’s onychodystrophy DNA test is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.

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Relevant, Cost-Effective and Tiered DNA Testing Workflow

We are the only laboratory that optimizes cost using a proprietary reflex testing workflow that identifies the relevant agents of disease. Not all genus/species are treated the same.

Let Bako’s onychodystrophy DNA testing help you determine the safest and most effective oral and topical treatment.

BakoDx Reflex DNA Testing

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Include Bako’s Onychodystrophy DNA Testing with Histology for the Highest Sensitivity and Specificity Diagnostic Testing Available

Gain all the advantages of Bako’s onychodystrophy DNA test, plus the added benefit of testing the sample for trauma, neoplastic processes and non-infectious nail diseases, when you include DNA testing with histopathology.

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Bako’s Onychomycosis DNA Testing Intelligence Report

Bako’s onychodystrophy DNA testing report identifies genus and species while providing medically relevant information to help optimize care

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National Health Plans’ Requirements

Antifungal pharmacy programs require positive lab report at the species level and reference DNA availability

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