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Nail Specimen Collection

Importance of Lab Testing

Onychodystrophy Testing

Green Nail Lab Testing

Nail Biopsy Collection

Curettage Procedure

Fine Needle Aspiration

Punch Biopsy

Saucerization Procedure

Shave Biopsy

Ulcer Biopsy

Web Space Specimen Collection

Bone Biopsy

Incisional/Excisional Biopsy

ENFD Biopsy Procedure

ENFD Fixation Rinse Procedure

ENFD Accupunch Kit

ENFD Transport Kit

Ask the Expert

Importance of Histopathology & PCR Combined

Importance of Lab Testing for Onychodystrophy

Importance of Knowing Exact Organisms in Nail

 Standard of Care for Onychodystrophy Patients

How has BakoDx’s ENFD analysis improved your podiatric practice?

Case Study: Web Space Dermatitis


How to Package Microbiology Specimens

About the BakoDx Requisition Form