Investing in the Future of Podiatry
A Two-Week Podiatric Dermatology Rotation Program

A unique learning experience encompassing dermatology, dermatopathology, and bone and soft tissue pathology, with focus on the lower extremity.

Bako Diagnostics is honored to provide a fully funded, two-week rotation in podiatric dermatology-dermatopathology at our laboratory facility in Alpharetta, Georgia. This program is designed to serve as the foundation for your practice of podiatric dermatology throughout your career.


“The Bako Fellowship has increased my ability to communicate with other professionals. It has provided valuable insight not only into dermatopathology, but also for podiatric practice in general.”

Matthew G. Martin, DPM, PGY-2, Heritage Valley Health System Podiatric Surgical Resident
“This mini-fellowship should be a requirement for all podiatric residents during their three-year curriculum.”

Michael Bowen, DPM, PGY-3, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Podiatric Surgical Resident
“Bako Diagnostics has been extremely accommodating to the fellowship residents. This fellowship gave me a solid understanding of all the processing that goes into each specimen submitted. I would highly recommend this to other doctors.”

Kathryn Alleva, DPM, PGY-2, Community Health Network Podiatric Resident

What Does the Program Contain?

A two-week educational rotation that focuses on podiatric diagnostics

  • In-house dermatology lectures

  • Review of clinical cases with histopathologic correlation with dermatopathologists
  • Access to a broad spectrum of teaching materials (clinical images, teaching sets, reading materials)

  • Education on basic lab operations including grossing slide preparation, mycology and bacteriology

  • Exposure to specialized testing techniques, such as ENFD, immunohistochemistry, mass spectometry and state-of-the-art, real time PCR/DNA testing

  • Complimentary accommodations, lunches, and paid travel expenses (up to $350)

  • If required, formal arrangements easily arranged with home hospitals

Who’s Eligible?

Self-motivated podiatric residents with an interest in dermatology

Acceptance is based on the strength of the residency director’s letter of recommendation, with priority given to senior residents.

How Do I Apply?

We Will Review Your Application and Dates

We offer a unique learning experience so our spots fill up quickly. We will contact you about your application and choices in a timely manner. We look forward to having you with us.