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Current Concepts in Psoriasis Therapy


Largely unchanged for decades, treatment methods for this potentially disabling condition are finally evolving Introduction Our ability to treat adverse medical conditions has long been an admixture of miraculous accomplishment and frustrating stagnation. For every disease such as osteogenic sarcoma, where recent therapeutic breakthroughs have lifted cure rates from 10-20% to over 90%, there is a condition like pulmonary adenocarcinoma, where cure rates approach their historic controls. The management of dermatologic disorders has not offered any particular exception to this rule. There recently have been profound advances in the medical management of inflammatory conditions of the skin; however, many of [...]

Current Concepts in Psoriasis Therapy2017-11-25T09:10:43-05:00

Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Testing : An Overview


This is a technique for the evaluation of small fiber peripheral neuropathy Introduction Epidermal nerve fiber density (ENFD) testing is not a new technique; however, it is new to the diagnostic armamentarium of many in the podiatric community. This analysis is quickly becoming recognized as the gold standard among clinicians when assessing for the presence, and the degree, of small fiber peripheral neuropathy. Though podiatric clinicians have only recently discovered this test, it has been an important diagnostic procedure for neurologists for many years. In fact, ENFD analysis has been widely used by neurologists in the United [...]

Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Testing : An Overview2017-11-25T09:24:31-05:00
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