Serving the Podiatric Medical Community with Diagnostic Excellence, Innovation & Education

We are the premier provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services focusing on the skin, soft tissue and bone of the lower extremity. Our pathology team provides not just information, but also intelligence to enable better patient care.

Pathology Services

As a provider of a wide array of anatomic and clinical pathology services, we are honored to partner with clinicians in the management of their patients, whether related to the diagnosis and treatment of skin dermatitis or tumors, surface infections, surgical pathology or the assessment of neuropathy.

Therapeutic Solutions

BakoDx offers a complete line of office dispensed, therapeutic solutions for the management of conditions related to skin and nail units. By integrating therapeutic suggestions with our services we are able to empower you to improve the health of your patients.

Sales of therapeutic products are to physician offices only. No sales to the general public.

Biopsy Instruments

In an effort to better serve the podiatric community, BakoDx offers dermatology supplies to enable physicians to easily and accurately prepare biopsies for evaluation at our 8xbet laboratory. You will need an active Bako account to place your order.

Sales of biopsy instruments are to physician offices only. No sales to the general public.

Instructional Videos

BakoDx provides online resources, including training videos and white papers, to further your expertise in podiatric medicine. We also fund a mini-fellowship in podiatric dermatology-dermatopthology at our laboratory facility in Alpharetta, GA.

The Bako Difference

Providing Intelligence, Not Just Information

Bako’s reporting methodology provides more than basic information. It offers treatment recommendations—what we call “intelligence”—that empower the treating physician with actionable information. We believe this leads to better, more timely and cost effective health care for your patients.

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