ATLANTA. Feb. 26, 2018 – Bako Diagnostics, a podiatry-focused clinical laboratory and products company, announced today that they have formed a Podiatric Advisory Board to assist in implementing the Company’s current plans and identifying means to capitalize on future growth opportunities. The board will provide guidance in navigating, innovating, and growing the organization to carry out its mission of providing the highest quality laboratory services and products customized for the podiatric medical profession.

The Advisory Board, which is comprised of distinguished podiatrists, educators, innovators, and scholars, includes Allen M. Jacobs, DPM (St. Louis, MO), Jeffrey D. Lehrman, DPM (Springfield, PA) and William P. Scherer, DPM, MS (Delray Beach, FL).

“We are pleased to have this group of talented thought leaders who support our commitment to the Podiatric Medical and Surgical Community,” stated Wayne L. Bakotic, DO, who will serve as Chairman of the Advisory Board. “We look forward to interacting with them and benefitting from their opinions, advice and guidance. It is anticipated that the Advisory Board may further expand to include additional members as we grow to suit the needs of our medical partners.”

Bako’s Podiatric Advisory Board will help the Company evolve processes, fortify offerings, and continue in educational endeavors to support the medical professionals they serve.


Bako Diagnostics is a provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services for the Podiatric Medical Community with a unique focus on pathology of the lower extremity. Bako’s comprehensive testing menu includes ENFD Analysis, Mass Spectrometry, for rapid identification of bacteria from culture specimens, and Molecular Genetics for the detection of micro-organisms and as a diagnostic aid in certain pathologic diagnoses. Bako’s in-network services are available through its more than 250 million covered lives, including all five national health plans and fully compliant patient-friendly billing policies.  Over the past nine years, Bako has evolved into one of the podiatric profession’s principal sources of educational sponsorship.