Diana C. Brandon, Vice President of Payors Relations for Bako Diagnostics, passed away peacefully on July 14 at her home in Murrieta, California.

Brandon built a long and successful career in payor relations, working for a number of healthcare companies prior to joining Bako Diagnostics in 2012.  She was responsible for building Bako’s relationships with many insurance companies across the U.S., making Bako one of the leading lab companies with over 250 million covered lives.

“She was undoubtedly the best payor relations executive with whom I have worked,” said Ted Hull, CEO for Bako Diagnostics. “I relied heavily on her expertise in management and strategy and her particular ability to see through to the essence of complex issues. I will also miss her can-do attitude and willingness to do whatever she could to help Bako succeed.”

Brandon is survived by her husband, Bobby Barry, and her four children: Eden, Alyssa, Brandon and Natalie Barry.